Our Story

Decorative Concrete Contractor San Luis Obispo, California

Here’s a little something about us. We’ve been together for 12 years and just recently became engaged. Together we have four beautiful daughters and two wonderful grandchildren. Before we started this journey together, we both we’re working in two different worlds. Edgar has been in the concrete and construction industry for over 25 years. I was working in retail and marketing for the same amount of time. With two very different schedules, we were finding it very hard to make time for each other and our families. We both had the same goals in mind. We wanted to work together by creating a legacy for our family.

Last year, we decided it was time for us to take that leap of faith and start to build something for ourselves and our family. We both were highly motivated in creating a business in the decorative concrete industry. With that in mind, we began our company and started fabricating seamless concrete countertops, vanities, outdoor kitchens, tables, decorative floors indoor/outdoor, etc.

Honesty, Integrity and Craftsmanship is our goal and commitment to ourselves and our customers. Our goal is to take our customers dreams and ideas and turn them into reality. In using our artistic abilities we want to provide our customers with a unique, one-of-a kind product.